STCU Partnership Project No.P548 (2012–2017): "Fluorescent Probes and Labels for Biomedical Applications"

Development, evaluation, production, and commercialization of new fluorescent materials (dyes, probes, labels, tandems, conjugates, and bioanalytical kits) and assays for biomedical applications.

STCU Partnership Project No.P542 (2012–2015): "High Quantum Efficiency Organic Dyes"

Development of new original and patentable dyes, photosensitizers and reporters, and materials for use in photodynamic therapy (PDT), diagnostics, and related applications such as photodynamic antimicrobial chemotherapy (PACT), photodynamic cosmetology, antimicrobial coating materials, and imaging.

STCU Partnership Project No.P384 (2009–2011): "High Quantum Efficiency Organic Luminophores"

Fluorescent light-shifting dyes and filters for LED flat displays and lighting applications were developed.

STCU Regular Project No. 3804 (2007–2009): "Fluorescence Lifetime-based Probes and Labels for Biomedical Assays and Bacterial Pollution Monitoring"

Fluorescent probes and labels of Square and SeTau series exhibiting long and environment sensitive fluorescence lifetimes (FLTs) but also biomedical, pharmaceutical and environment pollution monitoring assays based on these materials were developed.

STCU Regular Project No. U111 (2004–2006): "Red and NIR Absorbing and Emitting Fluorescent Probes and Labels for Use in Biological and Biomedical Research"

Long-wavelength fluorescent probes and labels based on squaraine dyes of Square series for biomedical applications but also real dark quenchers of SQ series for FRET based applications were developed. Compared to other commercially available dyes the new fluorescent markers exhibit increased brightness and photostability. Plasmon resonance enhancement of fluorescence of some of these dyes on silver nanoparticles known as radiative decay engineering was investigated.