Department of Analytical Chemistry

Head: Dr. Konstantin Belikov
+38 057 341-0377
M.Sc.: Kharkov State University (1993)
Ph.D.: Institute for Single Crystals (2002)
Head of the Department of Analytical Chemistry of Functional Materials and Environmental Objects (2007)
Senior Research Scientist at SSI "Institute for Single Crystals" (2006)
Postdoctoral researcher: Micro- and Trace Analysis Centre, University of Antwerp, Belgium (2004-2005)
Junior Research Scientist at SSI "Institute for Single Crystals" (2002)
PhD-student of SSI "Institute for Single Crystals" (1993-1996)
Research staff: 
Dr. Anna Andryushchenko
Dr. Tamara Blank
Dr. Ekaterina Brilyova
Dr. Sergey Khimchenko
Dr. Ilias Shcherbakov
Dr. Tatyana Sheina
Yana Atamanichenko, M.Sc.
Zinaida Bunina, M.Sc.
Olga Gaiduk, M.Sc.
Elena Grishina, M.Sc.
Lyudmyla Gudzenko, M.Sc.
Victoriya Varchenko, M.Sc.
Elena Koryakina, B.
Research topics: 

Analytical chemistry of functional materials, noble metals, object of environments, foodstuffs, medicines.

X-ray, atomic-emission, atomic-absorption and molecular spectrometry.

Express-tests for detection and semi-quantitative analysis of toxic and biologically active substances.

Sample preparation in physical and physico-chemical analysis.

Crystallization, extraction, sorption, distillation and electrochemical methods of preconcentration.

Metrology of functional materials and natural objects analysis.

Application of analytical data for solving of theoretical and applied problems of material science and environment control.