Laboratory for Technology and Analysis of Drugs

Team Leader: Prof. Nikolay Lyapunov
M.Sc:. Kharkiv Pharmaceutical Institute, 1972, Ph.D. 1979, D.Sc. 1990, Prof. 1993.
Leading Researcher of SSI "Institute for Single Crystals" (since 2013)
Chief Researcher of State Scientific Centre of Drugs (2010-2013)
Head of Laboratory for Liquid and Semi-solid Preparations at State Scientific Centre of Drugs (1992-2010)
Member of Specialized Academic Council at National University of Pharmacy
Research staff: 
Dr. Elena Bezuglaya
Dr. Yuriy Stolper
Alexey Lysokobilka, M.Sc.
Tatyana Puhovaya, M.Sc.
Anna Lyapunova, M.Sc.
Vladimir Bovtenko, M.Sc.
Igor Zinchenko, M.Sc.
Alexey Lyapunov, M.Sc.
Research topics: 

physicochemical studies of disperse systems with a liquid, solid and gaseous dispersion medium (suspensions, emulsions, aerosols, foams)

development and research of medicinal products:

  • topical semi-solid preparations (ointments, creams, gels, pastes)
  • liquid preparations for cutaneous application – lotions, shampoos etc.
  • oral liquids – solutions, emulsions and suspensions, syrups)
  • nasal preparations (drops and sprays)
  • preparations for inhalation (pressurised metered-dose inhalers)
  • suppositories (rectal and vaginal)

development of analytical procedures for quality control of medicines, validation of analytical procedures

standardization: preparation of registration documentation for medicinal products and drafting of scientific guidelines and  regulatory