Research achievements

Study of the micelle formation in solutions of colloidal surfactants, in particular, a dynamic equilibrium between the ionic and micellar solution and the structure of the micelle and liotropic liquid crystals using the method of spin probes. The relationship between the structure of mixed aggregates, consisting of colloidal surfactant and higher fatty alcohols, and rheological properties of disperse systems with liquid dispersion medium was demonstrated.

EPR spectra (at 25 ° C) the spin-labeled cationic surfactant (1) and spin-labeled palmitic acid amide (2) in cetylpyridinium chloride solutions with increasing concentrations (top-down).

Density, viscosity and thermodynamics of viscous flow of binary and ternary solutions (for example, water – hexylene glycol, water – ethanol – methylpyrrolidone, etc.) were studied. The relationship between the structure of the mixed solvent systems and the solubility of certain active substances (mometasone furoate, betamethasone dipropionate, meloxicam etc.) as well as the physical stability of the emulsions o/w was demonstrated.

Study of physicochemical and biopharmaceutical properties of the some drugs, which are dispersed system with a liquid, solid or gaseous dispersion medium. Development of medicinal products.

Study of metered dose inhalers, in particular, aerodynamic assessment of fine particles.

Development and validation of analytical procedures for quality control of multicomponent medicines.