Research achievements

Department of analytical chemistry of functional materials and environmental objects is ISO 17025 certified and can offer wide range of analytical services as:

  1. Analysis of extra pure salts.
  2. Analysis of waste precious metals including used industry and auto catalyzers.
  3. Analysis of alloys containing precious metals.
  4. Determination of precious metals in 999 ‰ gold, platinum, palladium and silver jewellery alloys.
  5. Analysis of natural and drinking water for contamination of 33 elements and major anions.
  6. Soil and air analysis for main components and trace-level impuritites.
  7. Analysis of Cu, Zn, Pb, Cd in raw materials and foodstuffs.

Tests for security services: detection of psychotropic substances and drugs

BPR – brompyrogallol red; DPhC – diphenylcarbazone; CHZ-S – chromazurole S; PHD – p-phenetidine; TR – Triton Х-100

Tests for environment: heavy metals and toxic impurities

The conventional indications in the Tables:  Asc. ac. – Ascorbic acid; BA – Benzaldehyde; BM – Blue Molybdenum; bPh – batho-Phenanthroline; BPR – Brompyrogallol red; CHZ-S – Chromazurole S; C.Tr – Cotton tread; CP – Cetylpyridinium; DABA – Diethylaminoanilinebenzal; DG – Dimethylglyoxime; DMN – dimethylnaphthidine; DND – N-diethyl-N’ –(1-naphtyl)-ethylenediamine oxalate; DPhC – Diphenylcarbazone; DPhG – N,N’-Diphenyl Guanidine; EDTA – Ethylendiaminetetraacetic; FP – Filter paper; Gel –Gelatin; IT –Indicator tube;  MG – Malachite Green; PMMA – Polymethylmethacrylate; MThk – Michler’s thioketone; NaAc – Na Acetate; NN -1-Nitrozo2-Naphtol; NТА – Nitrilotriacetic acid; o-Ph – o-Phenanthroline; PAN – 1–(2-Pyridineazo)–2-Naphthol; PhF – Phenylfluorone; p-NA – p-Nitroaniline; p-PhDA – p-Phenilendiamine; PHD – p-Phenetidine; PUF – Polyurethane foam ; Rh6G – Rhodamine 6G; TC – Thiocarbamide; TR – Triton Х-100); WP –  Writing paper.