Department of Technology of Organic Materials

Head: Dr. Valery Vashchenko
M.Sc.: Kharkov State University (1989)
Ph.D. Institute for Single Crystals (1997)
Head of the Department of Technology of Organic Materials (2008)
Guest researcher: Hull University, United Kingdom (2008)
Senior researcher of SSI "Institute for Single Crystals" (1999)
Researcher of SSI "Institute for Single Crystals" (1998)
Junior researcher of SSI "Institute for Single Crystals" (1989)
Research staff: 
Prof. Alexander Fedoryako
Dr. Maksym Prodanov
Dr. Alexander Krivoshey
Dr. Ekaterina Popova
Dr. Saniyat Gamzaeva
Dr. Anna Vlasenko
Dr. Sergey Bogatyrenko
Dr. Dariya Edamenko
Vadim Mikhaylenko, M.Sc.
Vera Nazarova, M.Sc.
Maksym Diakov, M.Sc.
Kseniya Nozdrina, B.Sc.
Research topics: 

Development of composite materials on the base of nanoparticle colloids in ordered media: polymer films, liquid crystals

Synthesis of magnetic (oxide, metallic) and semiconductor [(Zn, Cd)(S, Se)] nanoparticles of controllable properties

Design and syntheses of liquid crystal (LC) compounds and chiral components of nematic and smectic-C* LC materials

Custom organic synthesis and (or) purifications on a multi-gram scale of building blocks and target compounds for material and pharmaceutical purposes

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of organic mixtures, including environmental objects and industrial products using GC-MS and HPLC.

Methodological and metrological support of analytical measurements; identifications and assays of active substances and excipients; developments and validations of analytical procedures; production control of certification.

Fabrication of state standard reference samples of individual organic compounds, certified organic reagents, analytical components and mobile/immobile solid/liquid carriers for GC